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Liverpool, once the gateway to the New World, today a feast of culture and vitality

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Liverpool Docks

Liverpool and its delightful mix of galleries, museums, city-centre shopping and waterfront vistas is a popular destination for visitors. In the past, millions both left and arrived here; beginning of a new life either in the New World or here in England.

Museums and Galleries in Liverpool

In 1873, the businessman Andrew Walker presented the town with an art gallery. The gallery today is part of the National Museums of Liverpool. There is a temporary exhibition programme and free entry – which everyone enjoys. We enjoyed the Walker Art Gallery; highlights included works by C18th artists such as Gainsborough, Stubbs and Wright of Derby.

Liverpool Palm House by Graham-H on Pixabay

Liverpool Palm House by Graham-H on Pixabay

Most visitors will want to head towards the Waterfront for a stroll around its historic docks. The Albert Dock has several of the Maritime Museum’s floating exhibits.  Meanwhile you can find land-based exhibits in the Albert Warehouse. Here is displayed the history of shipbuilding on the Mersey and the story of the port from the time of King John. Nearby is the Tate Gallery named after Liverpool’s sugar magnate and art custodian.

Shopping and leisure

For shoppers Liverpool ONE, the retail and leisure district, now has a range of shops to suit all tastes. Close to the waterfront, it has over 170 shops, bars and restaurants across five fabulous districts right in the heart of Liverpool city centre. There’s also an exciting events year round programme, so there’s always something happening!

View of the town showing the Liver birds © timajo on Pixabay

© timajo on Pixabay

Royal Liver Building

The most famous Liverpool landmark is the Royal Liver Building on the Pier Head. A stone’s throw from the centre of the business district, it has stunning views of the dockland. Once, Europe’s tallest building, an iconic Liver Bird stands above each of its towers. The name comes from the piece of laver bread carried in the bird’s beaks. Today the building is an office block which is home to an impressive array of well-known brands.

The city is an excellent destination for groups with a good choice of activities for an interesting day out. Walking tours around the city are led by the Royal Institute of British Architects, which can be tailored to a group’s specific interests.

The spire of St Elphin River Mersey by andreeg2001 on Pixabay

St Elphin River Mersey by andreeg2001 on Pixabay

Group visits

Liverpool celebrates groups visiting in 2018 with an expanded programme of tours and events. This year the city celebrates the 10th anniversary of its year as European Capital of Culture. There will be will be 14 new cruises scheduled by Mersey Ferries between May and September. They will feature live entertainment from a range of local artists. Running for two hours, each cruise will include a bar and views of the Liverpool and Wirral waterfronts. Special rates are available for groups of 20 or more people.

John Lennon by 139904 on Pixabay

John Lennon by 139904 on Pixabay

Group travel specialist, Brilliant Liverpool Tours, has trained 18 new tour guides in readiness for the celebrations. They will help the company’s daily Beatles Walks, as well as guiding private shore excursions and tours. Other group tours in the city this year include ‘The Terracotta Army’ exhibition, at Liverpool’s World Museum until the end of October. There’s also the ‘John Lennon and Yoko Ono’ exhibition in the Museum of Liverpool. The city will be hosting the Liverpool Biennial from 14th July to 28th October. It will feature commissioned works by 40 artists from 22 countries.

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