About Discover Britain’s Towns

Some of Britain’s hundreds of unique and distinctive towns are world famous – Stratford-upon-Avon, Brighton and Windsor, to name but three.

Many more are almost unknown within the country – let alone outside the UK! And that’s a huge shame!

As a travel and tourism publisher, we’ve been writing about the best of Britain’s towns for years, and about neighbourhoods and communities too. So we decided to share what we know. We started this site for others to contribute their knowledge and suggestions!

We hope the information, ideas, themes and links will help those who live in Britain to explore other parts of their country. Oversees visitors can find out more about the great British menu of fascinating, and engaging towns to visit!

What Discover Britain’s Towns covers

We present profiles of places, bits and pieces of interesting information, personal choices, comments and a range of themes from markets and museums to festivals and fairs.

Do let us know what you think – send us your own nuggets, comments and pictures to keep this site growing!

In partnership with Historic Towns Forum, The Community Sites Project, Revive and Thrive, and Landor Travel Publications.